Above First Number

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Occurrences of lottery numbers that on the ticket are drawn above of the fist number from previous draw


We will examine this analysis using classic lottery game 6 numbers from 49, but the idea applies to all games of course.

For example in classic lottery game where are 49 numbers we may analyze how the new drawing numbers are placed over the ticket view respectively to old numbers. The first of this type of analysis is analysis of numbers that occurs above of first numbers from previous draw.

Here is example ticket view where we can see that the first number of previous draw is number 6.
So the Visual Lottery Analyser will analyze occurrences of all numbers that are shown as crosses in yellow color.
Please note that a first number is also included as numbers to analyze




If you want to know how many numbers are drawn above first numbers then select from menu Between / Above First




If NONE number is drawn above first number then diagram will print a point in row 0

If number was drawn then diagram will print a point in row that indicates the count of drawn numbers


Here we have a sample new drawing numbers 2 17 19 32 40 43, they are put on the ticket view and represented as blue borders.



As we can see there is one number 2 drawn that is drawn above the first number (number 6) from the previous draw.

In that case the analysis diagram will print a point in row 1.


Additionally these diagrams can also show how game numbers are drawn as contact, outside, hot or cold numbers.

To see these analysis use the Numbers Types Switch