Add Game Wizard

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Add Game Wizard is a feature that lets you add custom lottery game to database in a few steps.

This feature is very useful for users that prefer that way to set up software properties.

It consist 7 pages, every one of each is showing at the bottom of the page explanation what to do.


Although there are 7 pages to go through with, not all of them are required. Some are optional and some of the properties depend on a game type you are adding.

In summary, add a game to your games collection database will not take more than a few clicks just to start.

In addition at the last page there is an option that lets you create automatically a sample drawings database.




Each of pages has a comment shown on the top of wizard with explanation how to proceed with current step.


Previous and Next buttons moves between pages. You can always go back and forth to change some of game properties


You can exit from wizard at any time by clicking on Cancel buttons.


Step 1 - Game Type

Select what kind of a game you want to add.

See Game Types topic for information about games supported by Visual Lottery Analyser


Step 2 - Game Name

Enter here a name of the game. We recommend using unique game names


Step 3 - Properties of Game Numbers

Enter here how many lottery numbers (balls) are drawn in the game.

For lottery games such as Lotto 5 out 35 it will be a 5 that you need to enter. For Pick type games enter how many picks the game has. Pick 3 it would be 3 and so on.


Enter here how many numbers the game has on the ticket. For standard and keno games only one text box is show, for Pick type games enter Pick starting and Pick ending number.

Example for Pick 3 where numbers are drawn from 0 to 9 it would be numbers 0 and 9 you need to enter.


Check whether bonus number is drawn from the same pool or different range of numbers


In the first text box enter whether a bonus numbers are drawn in a game or not.

Enter 0 if bonus number is not drawn otherwise enter how many bonus numbers a game does have.


If a bonus numbers are drawn, in the second text box enter a range where a bonus numbers are drawn from.

For example if bonus is drawn from 52 numbers, enter 52. You do not need to enter here anything if the bonus number is drawn from the same pool


Bonus numbers are fully supported in Visual Lottery Analyser and they have its own Ticket View and analysis methods available.
Step 4 - Ticket Layout Setup

On this wizard page you may optionally set your own Ticket View layout. Any changes you making are shown immediately on a Ticket Preview
If you do not want to set up then the Visual Lottery Analyser will set up it for you automatically.
The following controls are on this page:
  Set the layout automatically
    If checked then software will set the lines properties automatically

Numbers direction Up-Down
If checked then numbers on ticket will go up down otherwise will go from left to right.
To see the changes check or uncheck the check mark


Lines Horizontal
Set how many horizontal lines the Ticket View should have


Lines Vertical
Set how many vertical lines the Ticket View should have


Lines Horizontal Bonus
Set how many horizontal lines the Bonus Ticket View should have.
Only for games with additional bonus number is drawn


Lines Vertical Bonus
Set how many horizontal lines the Ticket View should have
Only for games with additional bonus number is drawn


Step 5 - Prizes Structure

This is optional to set up a game. Please refer to Games Hits & Prizes Editor topic for more information.


Step 6 - Additional Data

These properties are optional:


Here you can enter comment - description of your game.

Internet Address

Game's Internet address.


Step 7 - Add Game

If you select "Yes I would like to include a sample lottery numbers" check mark then a sample numbers will be created automatically.

If you do not select then you must ad drawings later manually or use Drawings Import or Drawings Manager to provide lottery numbers for a game.

We recommend creating sample drawings just to start to work with a game, later you can add real lottery numbers.



If you are ready then click the Next button to add a game to database. When wizard finishes you can start to add another game.


Please note that you can also add and edit games directly at Games Database window.