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Generate Generate

Click this button to start generate the tickets.

The tickets will be generated accordingly to the filters settings set forth at the Filters page located below the toolbar.

The process of generating tickets may take some time to finish, usually it takes no longer than a few seconds.

However, it may happen that the task cannot be completed due to the settings that can not match the game's criteria or filter condition cannot be fulfilled.

In that case please click the Cancel button located at the main software window in the right bottom corner.

Review the filters properties set at the filters settings page and start over.


Generated tickets will be shown on the tickets list.

You can click on any ticket to view its numbers on the Ticket View.

The Ticket View is always showing the last game's drawing numbers and layout, so it's easy to see in which way the numbers was generated.


All ticket's numbers are shown as crosses, it is easy to review numbers if you want to.
If you do not like them then you can start over by clicking on Generate button again.





Settings Group


Enter here how many tickets you want to generate.


Keno Spot Numbers

When you are creating tickets for a Keno game then this option becomes available.

Choose or enter how many numbers (spots) you want to play (from 1 to 22)


Pick Wager

When you are creating tickets for a Pick game then this option becomes available.

You can choose from drop down list the Pick wager type.

The tickets will be created exactly according to the selected pick order properties.


See the Games Wagers & Prize Levels topic for more information.


MenuSource Source Of Numbers

When you are about to create tickets then you can choose an option that will tell Visual Lottery Analyser where to get the numbers from.

You can use one of the following sources of numbers to generate your tickets:


Use own selected numbers

Select your numbers at Numbers Selector and respectively at Bonus Numbers Selector

Numbers selectors are showing the last game Ticket Views so it's easy to pick up some particular numbers.

To select a number just click on Ticket View with mouse, selected number will be circled in default purple color.
To deselect a number simply click on it again.


Use all ticket's numbers

All game numbers will be used to generate tickets.


Import from Notepad
If you were using Notepad then you can import all those numbers that were marked in Notepad as Yes.
When you select this option then on the rights side of this button another button Import becomes visible.
Click on that button to import the numbers from notepad.
If you opened multiple instances of Notepad then Notepad Selector will be shown where from you can select from which Notepad to import the numbers


Automatic analysis

Numbers chosen for you by our Artificial Intelligence Analysis will be used to create your tickets.



Filters Presets - commands for applying and managing tickets filters


Load 2Load
Loads selected filters preset from the presets database.

Visual Lottery Analyser use presets system to handle your filters. You can create and store within software database as many presets of filters as you wish.


Presets New

This command creates a new filters set and shows them on Filters System page.

You can set the filters values, conditions and check them to indicate whether you want to use particular filter or not.
Please note that the newly created filters set is configured accordingly to the opened game type and properties, so you can see different filters included into a set.


Save 2 Save

Saves current filters as filters preset into a database. All your saved presets are shown at Filters system page on presets list.

Delete 4 Delete

Deletes selected filters preset from your presets list