Automatic Analysis

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Finally, after all those years of being sort of a manual software Visual Lottery Analyser 4.0 has an Automatic Analysis - Artificial Intelligence analysis built-in! 

This is a hidden feature, an engine that executes behind the scene and analyzing occurrences of numbers accordingly to all software rules.
Moreover, it also going through all diagrams that are available in Visual Analyser, analyzing them automatically and combines all results into an array of most possible numbers to occur in the next drawing.


The following software features use it:


1.Create My Tickets
Use it automatically as default source of numbers to create tickets
2.Tickets Advanced Generator
Use it as an option to generate tickets
Use it automatically, actually this is the feature that shows the numbers chosen by automatic analysis
4.One Step Analysis
Use it automatically to analyze game and create tickets


5.Create My System
Use it as an option to generate wheel system