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Lets make the software look prettier. Here in this section of software options you can set

background picture for some interface elements
different background pictures for grids to show with each skin.

Some of the background pictures are already predefined.

All options on this page works in the same way.
When an option row is selected then an open file button will appear on the right side of the row.

Clicking on that button opens a dialog windows where from you can choose an image file to show as background.

You can also type or paste a path to a file directly on cell. There are some path shortcuts allowed.

Metro style screen background

Sets background picture for main tiles screen when software interface is set to use Metro style


Skin backgrounds

In this section of options all software skins are listed. You can set picture for each skin
When a skin background picture is not set then software will try to use main background picture that is set for grids in Grid View section of View options
You can double click on a row with skin name to skin the software interface.