Contact & Outside Numbers

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Previous topic Ticket View Introduction concluded that a lottery game is like a graphical box of numbers.

In this topic we will present you the Contact & Outside numbers

Each number drawn in a game (red color) placed on a Ticket View have its own surrounding field of other numbers.

All numbers that lies within this field we will call them the Contact numbers.


To visually show those Contact numbers we will paint them on our Ticket View with different color than the rest of the numbers.
In our sample picture the Contact numbers are painted in light blue color, they surrounding example number 11.


As we can see on our example view 3,4,5,10,11,12,17,18,19 numbers are the Contact numbers.

Please note that the drawing number (11) itself is a Contact number too.





Here is the Ticket View with all drawing numbers and their surrounding fields.
All of the rest ticket's numbers that are not within surrounding fields of all numbers we will call them the Outside numbers.
This way the entire game's Ticket View is always divided into two different groups of numbers: Contact & Outside numbers.

Treat the Ticket View as your base game layout for analyzing and predicting future drawing numbers. How to do that and interpret we will explain later.



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