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This feature of Visual Lottery Analyser lets you create your own wheel system based on source system existing in your systems collection

You can load a wheel system from your systems database and replace its numbers with your own.
Also, you can reduce the source system combinations by filtering the system using ours special filters.


The window is divided into following parts:

Toolbar where all commands are located
Source System Listing - Your loaded wheel system from systems collection
My System Listing - Your loaded wheel system source numbers showing numbers you used to replace with source numbers
Numbers Replacement - A numbers selector where you can select source number and replace with your own
System Filters - Filters that lets you reduce source system combinations


  You can work with this feature in three ways:

Replace wheel system's numbers with your own and use full system, but this is very expensive solution.
Reduce wheel system combinations by applying numerous filters to the system.
Combined way and most powerful way is to use both of the ways described above.


Filters are used to reduce wheel systems combinations

If you want to use a Wheel system then the system cost question is raised.
Wheel systems costs, each of system combination may be treated as a lottery ticket and as such does cost.


Even though a wheel system itself is already considered as a "system", we can create a system out of a system by reducing its combinations by applying filters.

Why to pay for combinations that most likely will not be drawn and will not fit into our analysis rules. We can use only those combinations that will fit into the rules!.


For standard games use this tool to reduce the quantity of system combinations in general.

For Pick games use this tool to reduce all combinations of Pick game wheel system to increase the chances to win significantly.

In Pick 3 game there are 1000 all possible combinations. That means that you have 1:1000 chances to win.

Using this tool you may have very often 1:300~400 of chance to win.


The main toolbar has three pages System (Editing & Numbers Replacement), Filters & Tools



How to open Create My System window