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Picking up Quick Pick tickets from lottery store is not a best way to become a winner. Those tickets are just randomly generated numbers, without any annalists logic applied to them.
You just count on a good luck only.

Using our Create My Tickets feature you may have at least some tickets filled with numbers accordingly to some rules.

Therefore your chances to become a winner are increased.


This feature will create lottery tickets for you in-the-fly. You can analyze your game using other software features, spend some time with them, however according to the old saying the time is money.

If you do not have a time, but want to play smart use this feature, it is a real time saver.

With only one click Visual Lottery Analyser will generate for you the best tickets possible, and all of them will match our analysis criteria.
Also, this feature will use Automatic Analysis and will try to use only the best suggested numbers.

In addition to generated tickets you can add your own tickets too.


To open Create My Tickets window, please go to the software main window and click the Create Tickets button located on the ribbon bar within My Tickets group.

Here below is a picture of toolbar located on the top of  window.





To start creating your tickets just click on the Create Generate button and that is it, tickets will be created for you automatically.

It's very simple and easy.


Created tickets will be shown in the tickets list.

You can click on any ticket to view its numbers on the Ticket View below the list.

The Ticket View is always showing the last game's drawing numbers and layout.


All ticket's numbers are show as the light blue cross, it is easy to review created numbers if you want to. If you do not like them then you can start over by clicking on Create button again.


All tickets are generated automatically, according to the analysis rules set and used

by Visual Lottery Analyser.





My Tickets


Save Save

Saves recently created tickets to your tickets collections database. You can view and edit them later if necessary using Manage My Tickets

The last saved tickets are marked always as your default and will be used automatically by the Check Game Results feature to check what you have won.


Add record (2) Add Ticket

You can create and add an empty ticket and enter its numbers manually if you need to.


Delete All Tickets SetsDelete Tickets

Delete selected tickets from tickets list





Enter here how many tickets you want to generate.


Keno Spot

When you are creating tickets for a Keno game then this option becomes available.

Choose or enter how many numbers (spots) you want to play (from 1 to 20)


Pick Wager

When you are creating tickets for a Pick game then this option becomes available.

You can choose from drop down list the Pick wager type.

The tickets will be created exactly according to the selected order properties.


See the Games Wagers & Prize Levels topic for more information.





Print Quick Print

Prints tickets directly to your default printer


PrintPreview Print Preview

Prints tickets. This command not only prints tickets but you can also export them to many external formats or even email them.
All functions are available on Print Preview window


groupo Tickets Location

Changes the position of tickets list within window. They can be positioned at the bottom of the window or on the left side.

This option may be useful when you have smaller screen resolution.


We also recommend to check out our Online Lottery Numbers Generator Service


How to open Create My Tickets window