Docking Windows

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Dockable windows provide a rich customization experience for our software, allowing the user to redesign the layout of the application to make use of personal preferences for real screen estate - some users prefer to have all of an applications options out in plain sight, while other users prefer to concentrate solely on the task at hand without being distracted by options they don't need right now. Dockable windows in the program support a variety of distinct arrangement states to maximize this user experience.

Dockable windows can be:


Docked to the sides of window.
Floating above window in their own separate windows.
Collapsed to the side of window, only appearing when the user moves their cursor over the Dock Window caption.
Tab-docked to other Dock Windows.


To dock a window, you simply drag the windows caption and move the cursor around the edges of window.

When a Dock Window can be docked to the edge of the window, the drag rectangle snaps into place at the appropriate edge.

To help maximize the use of screen real estate, docking windows can be docked to each other as tabs.

To tab dock a Dock Window, drag the Dock Window's caption and drop it over the caption of another Dock Window.

To remove a Dock Window from a tabbed Dock Window, drag its tab and move it anywhere outside the tabbed Dock Window.


Another way for a user to maximize on screen real estate is to make Dock Windows auto-hide, by collapsing them out the way of the main  window when not in use. To collapse a Dock Window, click the pushpin button  on the Dock Windows caption. To restore a collapsed Dock Window, move the cursor over the collapsed Dock Windows caption. This will cause the Dock Window to slide out into its expanded position - clicking the pushpin button  again causes the Dock Window to return to its previously docked position.

To hide a Dock Window, click the close button on the Dock Windows caption.

The software has two small windows that are docked by default on the left side of the main window.

Lottery Numbers
Lottery Numbers Window in which are listed lottery numbers (drawings) from opened game.

Ticket & Bonus Ticket

Windows that shown the game Ticket Views


To close or open any of these windows go to Main Toolbar > Interface Tab > Windows group and check the appropriate check mark.

You can also rearrange these windows using drag and drop operations as described in the previous topic Tabbed & MDI Interface
Dragging can be initiated by placing a mouse on the caption area of o corresponding tab, then holding a left mouse button and dragging a window out.
After dragging has started window's potential position and size are displayed by a frame and docking guide is shown:

Please note that all the pictures below are example and resized to fit the topic window size



Move a mouse along with window to chosen docking guide position

Release the left mouse button to drop the window:
In the result you have windows rearranged as follows