Edit System

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Edit System is a part of Wheels Systems Editor window and contains tools that lets you to create new or edit existing Wheel system.

The Edit Systems window has the following parts






Edit group

New System New System

Creates new system accordingly to properties set at System Properties page.

To create new system please follows these steps:
1. At System Properties page enter the required system properties
2. Click the New System button to create a system.

3. Add more combinations to a system using Add Combination command

4. Enter system combination numbers.

  You can enter numbers in two ways:

Type them directly into cells
Choosing numbers at Numbers Selector.

  Select a starting cell in system combination.

  Click on a number at Numbers Picker.

  Numbers Selector will move focus to another cell so you can chose number after number.



Undoing the changes made to the system since it was last saved using Save command


Delete 2 Delete Selected

Deletes selected combinations from system listing


delete my system data 4 Delete All

Deletes all combinations from system listing


Add Add Combination

Click to add more combinations to a system. You may enter how many combinations you want to add into a text box below this button


Move group


Cut Cut

Cuts selected combinations data into a memory. Later the Paste command will move them to a new selected position


Copy Copy

Copies selected combinations data into a memory. Later Paste command will copy them to a new selected position


Paste Paste

Paste cut or copied combinations into a new selected position.


Move Up Move Up

Moves up selected combinations


Move Down Move Down

Moves down selected combinations



Tools group


Save Save

Saves or updates currently edited system.


Print Quick Print

Prints system directly to your default printer


PrintPreview Print Preview

Prints system. This command not only prints system but you can also export them to many external formats or even email them.
All functions are available on Print Preview window




System Properties

On this page you can edit and see the properties of loaded system or enter properties for a new system.


System Name

Your system name.


Lottery Numbers

Enter a value for how many lottery numbers (drawings) system is created.



The system warranty, you may choose some predefined names from drop down list.


Numbers Range

Enter a value  the system numbers range. For example if you want to create system that will cover 20 numbers enter 20 etc.



Choose from drop down list the system type: Standard, a system for standard and keno games or Pick for Pick games.



Enter how many combinations the system does have. You can change it later by adding more combinations or remove existing.



Optionally, your system description



Optionally, any additional data.





To edit existing system please follow these steps:

1. Choose system from your Systems Collection

2. Edit system data by directly typing new number into numbers cells or use Numbers Selector to choose new ones.

3. On the end click the Save button to save all changes you have made