Major Features List

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Here is the list of all major features included into Visual Lottery Analyser with a short description

My Games
Contains a collection of your lottery games you are playing with. Using this feature you can open your games, add, edit or remove from your collection.
Games World Database
A collection of almost all existing games in the world. Using this feature you can add your games to the software easily and start to play with them right away.
Update Lottery Numbers Online
Using this feature you can download the latest and all past lottery numbers from our server.
We provide current numbers for the biggest lotteries worldwide and almost all U.S.A. & Canada games!
Lottery Numbers Manager
Maintains lottery numbers records of you games. Also you can edit and perform other tasks on drawings.
Search Lottery Numbers
You can search for lottery numbers in the game drawings past results.
One Step Analysis
Update lottery numbers, analyze a game and create tickets in one step only
Analyzes a game automatically and show you the best possible numbers on the window
Visual Analyser
Manual and visual analysis of lottery games
Numbers Report
Presents some of game numbers analysis and theirs summary in a form of numbers reports.
Create Tickets
Creates lottery tickets with numbers that meets software rules. Use automatic analysis to get the best possible numbers for you
Tickets Advanced Generator
Creates lottery tickets exactly in the way as they should be created.
Not just simple random numbers generator, this a powerful tool that let you create the tickets in your way. Fully customizable.
Manage My Tickets
Database of your tickets, you can view, edit, check and manage all those tickets created by all those features listed above.
Check Game Results
Checks your tickets for hits against the last or past lottery drawing numbers with just in one click.
Financial & Hits Statistics
Keeps your games financial & hits data
Create My System
Editor for creating your own wheel system based on source system existing in your systems collection
Here you can use your own numbers with any wheel system
Wheels Systems Editor
Editor for creating a new wheel system or editing existing system from your systems collection
Wheel System Hits Checker
Checks out how the wheel systems performs. You can check the wheel system against lottery numbers to see how many hits are possible.
Analysis Notepad
Lottery Notepad is an additional feature dedicated to make your work with lottery game easier.
It is very useful to use along with Visual Analyser to make the notes and mark the numbers you think may or may not occur.