Financial & Hits Statistics

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Financial & Hits Statistics feature is for keeping your financial & hits data.

See also: Update Hits Data  | Games Management  | Chart


Update Financial Statistics

To update your financial data do one of the following:
Method 1

Select the game you want to update at the Financial Statistics games list.

Use controls located on Financial Statistics page see the picture below:


Change the cost or profit value using small arrows or enter new value to add into a second text box.
To add new value click the Add Prize button or hit the Enter key on keyboard.


Method 2

Type a new value directly in statistics grid cell.



Method 3

Use built-in calculator.

To open calculator click on a cell you want to edit, click on a small arrow button.

To add new value click + , select the amount, click = to finish.





Update Hits Data

To update hits data select the game you want to at the Financial Statistics games list.

Select the Hits Statistics Tab on the top of the window to display the data grid.

The data grid show the same prizes & hits descriptions as Game Hits & Prizes Editor does have with additional Balls Hit and Hits Type columns.

There are two methods to update hits count:


Method 1

Type new number directly into Ball Hit column.





Method 2

Use built-in calculator.

To open calculator click on a cell you want to edit, click on a small arrow button.

To add new numbers click + , select then amount, click = to finish.





Games Management


Purchase stock Add Game
Opens a Game Selector where from you can select and game to add to Financial Statistics.

DeletemainDelete Game
Deletes selected games from Financial Statistics.


Print Quick Print

Prints your statistics data directly to your default printer


PrintPreview Print Preview

This command not only prints statistics but you can also export them to many external formats or even email them.
All functions are available on Print Preview window


Chart Chart

The chart is showing Cost, Profit and Balance data for all games


There are three buttons that allows to switch between the data type being shown on a chart.

By checking or unchecking these buttons you can make the Cost, Balance or Profit data visible on in the chart or not.


PrintPreview Print Preview

Opens a Print Preview w where you can print the chart or export to an external form such PDF, CSV, HTM and other

ChartOpt Chart Options

Opens a Chart Wizard where you can customize your chart view.

The chart customization is saved and restored when the option Restore Layouts is checked at General options window


Other components on the window are

Internet Address

Here you can enter an Internet address, it may be for example a page with the game payouts.

To launch a web page double click on an address in statistics grid or click the icon located on the right side of the Internet Address box


How to open Financial Statistics window