Games List

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This is the list that keeps all your games. Each game is represented by a Game Card.
Games are divided into a three major groups

Lotto - Any standard lottery game including games with a bonus numbers
Pick - Pick 3, Pick 4 ...




Games List has a small toolbar:


First six buttons allows to change how cards are displayed.

You can choose between one or multiple rows or columns.

Seventh button carousel_editor_button (Carousel View Editor) will appear only when you select the 6-th button which makes the list display in Carousel Mode (see later below)


PrintPreview Print

Prints your games list. All functions are available on Print Preview window
find_panel Find
This command shows a small find panel on the top of list


Carousel Mode

This is a nice mode in which you can display your games. All card are arranged into a carousel and can be rotated while browsing or selecting


carousel_editor_button Carousel View Editor
The editor lets you change the way in which carousel is displayed, you can change the angles etc
The best way is to move slider and observe the changes.

To save the changes click the Save button on the bottom of editor.