Wheel System Hits Checker

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This feature is dedicated to check out how the Wheel System performs. You can check the wheel system against lottery numbers to see how many hits are possible.


To check the wheel systems please follow the following steps

1. Select a system from your Systems Collection list. To show/hide a list with system click on Wheel System button on toolbar

2. Open system by double clicking on a system or click the Load System Open System button located at the system's list toolbar.

3. Select an option from Lottery Numbers To Compare options

4. Click the Check Hits button to begin.




Options page

Here you can set some options that can be applied when checking a system





Pick Wager

When checking a system for a Pick game then this option can be used

You can choose from drop down list the Pick wager type.

The system will be checked only for combinations that matches set pick wager


Cost Variant

When checking a system for Pick game the total financial cost of the system may be calculated against two variants of single ticket cost.
Here you can choose which variant of cost to use. The cost variants are described in Game's Wagers, Prize Levels and Payouts topic


Lottery Numbers To Compare options

Selected Game Numbers

Wheel system is being compared to the selected lottery numbers at Lottery Numbers window.

Randomly Generated

Wheel system is being compared to lottery numbers randomly generated by the program. The generated numbers will be shown in My Numbers text box.

My Numbers

Wheel system is being compared to your own numbers.

To use this option please enter your numbers into a text box located on the bottom of the Lottery Numbers To Compare options.

Drawing numbers should be separated by space.


Results page


Financial results like total Cost, Profit and Balance will be shown in appropriates text boxes.

Total hits count and hits count for each prize level will be shown on the prizes list.




How to open Hits Checker window