Hot & Cold Numbers

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Previous topics concluded that Ticket View has some graphical elements that may be used to analyze lottery game.

In this topic we would like to present other kind of numbers you may analyze.
Very often you hear about Hot & Cold numbers, those types of numbers are widely used in many lottery programs.
The definition what are Hot and what are Cold numbers however vary from program to program.
Basically Hot numbers are the numbers that are drawn most often (last few drawings) and Cold numbers are the numbers that are due to be drawn

Visual Lottery Analyser uses its own algorithm to determine which are hot and which ones are cold numbers.

To show on a Ticket View which numbers are Hot and which are cold we of course use colors.
The numbers in white color are the Hot numbers and the black ones are Cold.

In the picture you may see how it's easy to recognize them.




The amount of Cold and Hot numbers may vary from drawing to drawing. Basically the amounts are almost the same.


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