Import Data

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Import Data is a part of Wheels Systems Editor window and contains tools that lets you to import a text file and convert them into a wheel system.


When you start to create new Wheel system the most time consuming task would typing in system combinations numbers.

Visual Lottery Analyser provides this Import data feature so you do not have to type them all manually.

You can import system combinations from text file or paste text from clipboard and then parse text into system combinations.


Use the toolbar buttons located at Import Data tab of main toolbar



Import group

Load System Import File

Click this button to import a text file from disk into a text editor.
The text editors located on the right side of the Import Data page


Paste Paste From Clipboard

You can paste from Clipboard any text into a text editor. It may be simple text or text copied from some web site that includes combinations.


System group

Quick CreateCreate New System
Click this button to create a system. It will parse the text from text editor into system combinations.

New combinations will be shown in the Edit System window immediately.
After successful importing a text you must save the imported system into a database using Save command at Wheels System Editor toolbar > Edit tab


Options group


If selected then newly imported combinations will be appended to the currently listed system, otherwise

the new system will be created anytime you will parse the text.