In Horizontal Lines

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Occurrences of new numbers that are drawn in direct contact with previous numbers. Contact in own horizontal line only.


This analysis method shows how many numbers are drawn in contact with previous numbers but only in horizontal lines.

Lets see how it is analyzed. Here below is a Ticket View with sample drawing numbers  6 15 21 24 26 39
We have circled in yellow and green all numbers that are in direct horizontally contact with drawing numbers.

These are the numbers that this analysis method will analyze


If you want to know how they are drawn then select from menu In Contact / In Horizontal Lines

Analyser's screen will show a few diagrams that will show analysis of all horizontal lines in game.

If numbers are NOT drawn in direct horizontal contact then diagram will print a point in row 0

If number are drawn then diagram will print a point in row indicating count of drawn numbers



Here we have a sample of new drawing numbers; 2 8 11 17 42 47, they are put on the ticket view and represented as blue borders.


As we can see there are two numbers that are in direct contact in horizontal lines; 8 and 17

In that case the analysis diagram for line 1 will print a point in row 1 and also diagram for line 3 will print a point in row 1


All diagrams can also show how game numbers are drawn as contact, outside, hot or cold numbers in many other variations.

To see these analysis use the Numbers Types Switch


Pick Games

In Pick 3 or Pick 4 games numbers are analyzed in the same way.