Lottery Numbers Range Selector

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Using this selector you can choose a range of lottery numbers (drawings) to use with the following software features:

Search Numbers

Sets range of drawings to search

Numbers Report

Sets range of drawings to analyze

Create My System

Sets range of dates to filter a system




How to set range

To set a range you can use one of the following methods:

Slider, move the slider from left side to right side.
Enter drawings position into a From and To text boxes
Select dates. Click on small arrows in Date From and Date To controls to choose a dates range
Set range by choosing a shortcut, many shortcuts are available, you can fast and easy set range to some months or years ago, or just the whole numbers history.


When choosing a drawings range you are choosing from newest drawings to oldest drawings as the drawings are shown on Lottery Numbers window

The first drawings at position 1 are the newest (latest) numbers and then past ones till the last one.