Lottery Numbers Window

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Lottery Numbers Window is automatically opened in Visual Lottery Analyser when software opens.

It shows all the lottery numbers of currently opened game.

We use term 'lottery numbers' instead of 'drawings'. Drawings is appropriate term in US for example but in translation to other languages it may be misunderstood for drawing something on the paper with a pen.


Sample picture of Lottery Numbers of Lotto game



You can edit drawing numbers directly on window, to do so just select a number and type new one.

On the bottom of window there is a small navigator control:


|<< button move to first drawing

<< button move to previous page

< button move to previous drawing

> button move to next drawing

>> button move to next page

>>| button move to last drawing

+ button add new drawing

X button deletes selected drawings



Selected drawing numbers are shown on main Ticket View




See also Lottery Numbers Manager where you can manage drawings of all your games.