Manual Analysis

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Lottery games manual analysis options of Visual Lottery Analyser  can be set by using this window.
These options affects the behaviour of Visual Analyser feature.


Numbers range to analyze

Here you can specify how many past lottery numbers (drawings) you want to analyze at once in one range.

By default program analyzes 100 drawings from position 1 (the latest drawing) to 100 past drawings

This is recommended setting.


You may enter 1 to 1000 or even more if you want to, however you must have enough of numbers entered into a drawings database and powerful computer to handle that much data.
The more memory the better.

Of course not all of the data can be displayed at once on a screen. It would take too much time so we divide the range is some sub-ranges

Visual Analyser can switch between sub-ranges so you would be able analyze thousand and thousand of past lottery numbers.



Hot numbers range (Past Drawings)
Here you can set how many past drawings are considered to calculate the hot numbers
The default value is 0 which lets the program decide automatically and we recommend to leave it as is.
For very advanced users only:
The (quantity of past drawings) times (how many numbers are drawn) in a game will give you the number of Hot numbers.
The sum cannot exceed the ticket range. It is recommended to be around 50% of total numbers in a ticket.
For example if a game is 6 from 49 numbers then

4 * 6 = 24
4 = (quantity of past drawings)
6 = (how many numbers are drawn)
I t will give you 24 hot numbers and that is about 50% of 49 (ticket range)