Shortcut Keys

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Visual Lottery Analyser Main Window


Ribbon Bar Keys Shortcuts Tips - F10

When you press F10 then Ribbon Bar will show key shortcuts of the control, following the keys you can switch between groups or open software features.


Visual Analyser

Next Analysis - Page Down

Previous Analysis - Page Up

Next Analysis Range - Ctrl + Page Down

Previous Analysis Range - Ctrl + Page Up

First Analysis Range - Home

All - F2

Contact - F3

Outside - F4

Hot - F5

Cold - F6

Even - F7

Odd - F8

Custom Analysis - F12


Games Database

Open Game -         Ctrl+O

Close Game - Ctrl+Q

Add Keno Game - F6

Add Standard Game - F7

Add Pick Game - F8

Remove Selected Games - Ctrl+D

Remove All Games - Ctrl+Delete

Visit Game's Site - F9

Add Prize - F12

Remove Selected Prizes - Alt+D

Remove All Prizes - Alt+Delete

Print Games - Ctrl+P


Add Game Wizard

Back - F5

Next - F6


Check Game Results

Check Default Tickets - F5

Check Tickets - F6

Update Statistics - F12


Lottery Numbers Manager

Add New Numbers - F8

Generate Sample Drawings - F12

Remove Selected - Ctrl+D

Remove All - Ctrl+Delete

Set Dates - F5


Lottery Numbers Import Wizard

Import File - Ctrl+I

Paste From Clipboard (when text editor is focused)- Ctrl+V

Clean Text - F6

Parse Text - F7

Replace - F11

Replace All - F12

Add To Drawings Database - F9


Financial & Hits Statistics

Print Statistics - Ctrl+P

Print Hits - Alt+P

Char Cost Legend - F5

Char Profit Legend - F6

Char Balance Legend - F7



Clear Game Numbers - F5

Clear Bonus Numbers - F6

Game Mark As Yes - Ctrl+1

Bonus Mark As Yes - Alt+1

Game Mark As Unknown - Ctrl+2

Bonus Mark As Unknown - Alt+2

Game Mark As NO - Ctrl+3

Bonus Mark As NO - Alt+3

Clear Game Marks - Ctrl+4

Clear Bonus Marks - Alt+4

Save Notepad Data - Ctrl+S

Create Tickets From Yes - Ctrl+T

Create Tickets From Yes & Unknown -Alt+T


Numbers Report

Create Report - F5

Print - Ctrl+P


Tickets Advanced Generator

Generate - F5

Save Tickets - Ctrl+S

Add Ticket - F6

Clear Numbers - Ctrl+E

Print - Ctrl+P


Create My Tickets

Create - F5

Save Tickets - Ctrl+S

Add Ticket - F6

Print - Ctrl+P


Manage My Tickets

Check Game Results - F5

Delete Selected Tickets Sets - Ctrl+D

Delete All Tickets Sets - Ctrl+Delete

Set As Default - F12

Add Numbers - F6

Delete Selected Tickets - Alt+D

Print - Ctrl+P