Manage My Tickets

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Visual Lottery Analyser has a few features that creates lottery tickets:


Create My Tickets

Tickets Advanced Generator

Create My System (Wheel system converted into a lottery tickets)


One Step Analysis

Lotto Notepad
Manage My Tickets feature lets you view, edit, check and manage all those tickets created by those features listed above.

All tickets you create are stored in database, you can use them anytime you want.
The tickets are organized into a Tickets Sets. Each Ticket Set does have a collection of tickets (numbers)


All commands for controlling and managing tickets are located on this toolbar:



Tickets Collections


The Delete menu contains the following commands:


Delete Selected Sets Delete Selected Set

Delete selected tickets set from your tickets collection


Delete All Tickets SetsDelete All Tickets Sets

Delete all tickets sets from your collection. This will clear your entire collection.



OpenGameResult Check Game Results

Check selected tickets with Check Game Results feature to see your winnings and hits against the last drawing numbers.


HouseSecreenSet As Default

Sets selected tickets set as your default tickets.

With Check Game Results feature you can check later your default tickets with one click only.




Add record (2) Add Ticket

You can add an empty ticket to current set if you need to, and enter ticket numbers manually.


Delete Selected Sets Delete Selected

Delete selected tickets from opened tickets set


Print Quick Print

Prints tickets directly to your default printer


PrintPreview Print Preview

Prints tickets. This command not only prints tickets but you can also export them to many external formats or even email them.
All functions are available on Print Preview window


groupo Tickets Location

Changes the location of tickets list within window. They can be positioned at the bottom of the window or on the left side.

This option may be useful when you have smaller screen resolution.



Tickets Collection List

All your tickets are grouped by the game name and time of creation and have descriptions.
The Tickets Collection list is showing all you tickets sets. To view all tickets just select a ticket set at Tickets Collection list.

Tickets List

Tickets from selected tickets set are shown on the Tickets list.

You can click on any ticket to view its numbers on the Lottery Numbers Viewer below the list.


If currently opened game is the same that opened tickets are for, then Ticket View will show full layout game view (all contact and hot numbers), otherwise only basic layout of Ticket View will be displayed.


All ticket numbers are show as colored crosses.

If your tickets were generated with use of your own numbers, then those numbers will be circled on the view in different color.



How to open Tickets Manager window