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The following shortcut keys are available in all of features that use math systems:

Create My System, Systems Editor, Systems Collection


Create My System Keys

Reset - Ctrl+R

Filter - F5

Show Filtered - F6

Write Destination System Data - Ctrl+S

Remove Destination System Data - Ctrl+Shift+D

Save As My Tickets - Ctrl+T

Print Source System Listing - Shift+F1

Print Destination System Listing - Shift+F2

Import from Notepad - F11

Generate Random - F12


Systems Editor Keys:

New System - Ctrl+N

Cut Combinations - Ctrl+Shift+X

Copy Combinations- Ctrl+Shift+C

Paste Combinations - Ctrl+Shift+V

Move Up - Shift+Up

Move Down - Shit+Down

Add Combinations - F5

Delete Selected - Ctrl+D

Save - Ctrl+S

Undo - Ctrl+Z

Print - Ctrl+P

Import File - Ctrl+I

Paste From Clipboard (when text editor is focused)- Ctrl+V

Clean Text - F6

Parse Text - F7

Replace - F11

Replace All - F12



System Collection Keys:


Load System - Ctrl+O

Print - Ctrl+P

Expand - Collapse groups - F5

Delete System - Ctrl+D