My Games

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My Games is your games database.

Here you can add, easily open, update or modify existing games if necessary.


The following tiles are on this window:


Open Game

You must open a game prior to use with some of Visual Lottery Analyser features.

This tile will open a Games Selector where from you can select a game you want to play with




Close Game

Closes currently opened game, you do not have to use this before opening new game.

This command is useful only in a case when you use a lot of computer memory. If wish to free the memory of Visual Lottery Analyser data without closing the software

you may use it and close the game.





Updates lottery numbers (drawings database) for currently opened game.

This command is only available on this window and it will try to update your numbers automatically from our server in the Internet.
With one click it will check your numbers database and determine whether to download only latest or all missing numbers.
After download you database will be updated automatically as well

If opened game does not support online numbers updating then Add Numbers window will be shown instead.






Deletes selected game from your games database. A Games Selector opens where you can select a game to delete

All drawing numbers, prizes, hits and statistics data assigned to game will be removed too.
You can always ad a game again from World Games Database
To delete more games use My Games window in classic interface





Edit Drawing Time
This command opens a Edit Drawing Time window where you can edit the days and time where your game is played on




Opens a Prizes Editor where you can edit currently opened game prizes data




World Games
Click on this tile to open a world games selector, where from you can select and add a game a to your games.

If you want to add more games at once use the World Game Database






Opens a Add Game Wizard window, you may use wizard to add your game manually





Classic Interface
Click on this tile to switch to classic interface of My Games





Main Menu
Click on this tile to bring to the front a Games & Analysers screen