My Games Overview

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My Games contains a collection of your lottery games you are playing with.

Using this feature you can open your games, add, edit or remove from your collection.


The following games are supported:

Any standard lottery game including games with a bonus numbers
Pick 3, Pick 4 ...


Before you use the software you must add a games you want to play with to the program

There are four ways how to add a game:

Use a Games World Database which included almost all games from the world
Using Add Game Wizard
Add a game to My Games collection manually and edit required game's data directly (This topic describes how to do that)
Using SQL Studio Management software to edit games database directly, for very advanced users only.


Games Database also include Games Hits & Prizes Editor. You can use it to set it up a game prizes and hits structure

However this step is not required to perform a game analysis but is useful to use with other software features such as Check Game Results, Financial & Hits Statistics and tickets creators.


My Games can be opened as window in classic interface mode and in Windows 8 Metro style.
A window with classic interface is for advanced use and has more tools.

A window with metro style is easy for use on daily basis, it has commands that works in more easy and automatic mode.