Numbers Sum For Standard & Keno games

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Numbers Sum is analysis of sums of the numbers

Here we can analyze the occurrences of sums of numbers. These analysis methods rather are good for games type Pick 3 or Pick 4 but you can also use it for standard and keno games as well.
If you want to know which sums and how often are drawn then select from menu: Numbers / Numbers Sum / All Sums

Analysis screen will show several diagrams of numbers sums in sum ranges like 1 - 10 , 11 to 20, 21 to 30 etc

Here is the example diagram for classic lottery game 6 from 49 and numbers sum in range from 101 to 110




If sum of numbers will NOT fall into a analyzed sum range then diagram will print a point in row 0 otherwise diagram will print point in row +



For example if we have a drawing numbers like

1 4 23 33 47

then the sum of all number is 107 (1 + 4 + 23 + 33 + 47 = 107) so the diagram that is assigned to show sums between 101 to 110 will show it, it will print point in row +


As we mentioned it is rather difficult to use, count and pick numbers when comes to pick numbers for standard and keno games.

However there is one great possibility to use sum of numbers in conjunction with filters built into Create My System and Tickets Advanced Generator features
Furthermore, you can observe that in these games the numbers with sums of lowest and highest ranges are not draw very often or hey are not drawn at all.
You can use the filters to filter down some generated tickets and eliminate numbers with very low or very high sum ranges.


Additionally these diagrams can also show how sums of numbers are drawn as contact, outside, hot or cold numbers.

To see these analysis use the Numbers Types Switch