Numbers Report

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Visual Lottery Analyser is a program that using graphical visualization as much as possible to show and analyze lottery games.
That is better and faster to draw conclusions but we do not forgetting however about traditional way of showing game's analysis.


The Numbers Report feature presents some of game numbers analysis and theirs summary in a form of numbers reports.

The following reports are available: (In new version there is one report now, but we will add more soon)



To create a report select a report from the Numbers menu. How many past drawings are analyzed depend on software option: Drawings Range To Analyze.

By default Visual Lottery Analyzer analyzes 80 drawings. You may change the in the Software Options window.


PrintPreview Print Preview

Prints report. This command not only prints report but you can also export them to many external formats or even email them.
All functions are available on Print Preview window


find_panel Find
Opens or close a Find Panel. Using it you can look up for some values on the grid.



Ticket Numbers Report

Analyze all game numbers and showing theirs occurrences (divided into a group of numbers as well),

intervals between drawings and the last time when a number was picked.

The generated report is being shown on a data grid:





This column shows all game ticket numbers and bonus numbers as well when games have them.

In Pick games the report will be broken into a Picks and each Pick's numbers shown separately.



Under this group you can see how often the particular number has been drawn

Total - Total count of occurrences of number

Contact - Total count of occurrences of number drawn as a Contact number

Outside - Total count of occurrences of number drawn as an Outside number

Hot - Total count of occurrences of number drawn as a Hot number

Cold - Total count of occurrences of number drawn as a Cold number



Here in this group the report will show the intervals of when the numbers were drawn



Showing the number of draws when the number was drawn last time



How to open Numbers Report window