One Step Analysis

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One Step Analysis is a workhorse of Visual Lottery Analyser
All the power of all of Visual Lottery Analyser analysis methods is at your fingerprint.
No need to use of time consuming diagrams analysis or using multiple features to get the lottery numbers to play with.   

If you do not have a time, but want to play smart use this feature, it is a real time saver.

It will do all for you, with one click the software will

Open a game if not opened
Download the latest drawings from our server
Update software drawings database
Analyze the game automatically
Get the possible numbers to play with
Generate lottery tickets
Show them for you
You can get them on the window, saved, have printed or even send to cell phone as SMS

The whole feature is customizable in software options, so you will be able to have control over it.
When you use it for the first time a One Step Analysis Setup Wizard will appear to help you set it up.

Also you can schedule to have it executed when software starts.


To use it you can choose one of the following methods:


A. When software is shown in classic interface mode just double click on the One Step Analysis button located on main software toolbar


B. When software is shown in metro interface mode just

a) click on Lottery > Games & Analysers tile on start screen
b) click on One Step Analysis tile on lottery tiles screen


C. When you have this option scheduled in options double click on the Visual Lottery Analyser icon located on your desktop or Windows Start Menu



When this feature is executing you will see the wait window and progress of analysis on the status bar.
After analysis is done then the tickets may be shown on Tickets Window or send to printer... etc.

You can break the execution at any time by clicking on the Cancel Exit button located on the right side of status bar.