Open Game

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Open Game window is a your games selector. Here you can select  your lottery game to open and use with software.
You can select a game from My Games list ( My games list keeps your games added from Games World database).
Also you can select a game from World Database list. In that case a game will be automatically added to your My Games list and opened at once.

To open this window you can click the button Main software toolbar > Lottery tab  > My Games group > Open Open when software use classic interface.

When software use Metro interface then to open this window


a) click on Lottery > games & Analysers tile on start screen
b) click on Open Game tile on lottery tiles screen



To open a game just select game on the list and then click the open button.
You can also double click on a game or tape with finger as well.
To close window without selecting click the Cancel or Close button.





Close window after game opens

If you check this check mark then this window automatically closes after you open a game.


This window may popup sometime itself when you will try to use some software feature that requires a game to be opened.



You can use Find Panel in any list to find your game
The keys will work when a list is focused (selected with mouse anywhere)