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  Show tips

Tips can give you a short description about selected component.
When you hover a mouse button for a while over a button on a toolbar the you can see something like that
Th Generate button and its tip:


However when a button is located within the menu then a tip will be shown in status bar as text info instead.



If you get familiar with software functions you may turn them off, so they will not annoy you anymore.



Restore windows positions

If selected then program will save and restore at startup size, positions and state of all program's windows.


Remember windows monitor
For computers with two or more monitors:

     If selected then program will remember on which monitor window was opened and close
Next time you open that window it will be opened on the same monitor.
If not selected then windows are always open on your primary monitor.

This option has only effect when a window is set as Floating window, see the option below.


Floating windows

Here  is a list of some of the major software windows. You can selected which window you want to have opened out of the main software window (as a standalone window).

By default all windows are opened as child windows within the main software window.

This option can be useful when you want to use some of the software features on the second monitor (you can always drag a window by the way).