Other Features List

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Here is the list of all other than major features included into Visual Lottery Analyser with a short description


Games Selector
Contains a lists of yours and world lottery games. Used to open a game to play with.
Add Numbers
Allows to add lottery numbers (drawings) manually
Check For Update
Checks whether a new version of Visual Lottery Analyser is available or not
Database Maintenance
Allows to perform tasks on software databases. Not necessary to use, for advanced users only.
License Status
Show the status of software license and also used to activate the software after purchase
The options that affect the functionality and behavior of Visual Lottery Analyser  can be set by using this window.
Add Game Wizard
Used to add a custom game to the program in case our games world database does not contains your game
Lottery Numbers Import Wizard
Used to import past lottery numbers (drawings) to the program in case our server does not support your game
Getting Started Wizard
Guide through features that lets you start with the software in a quick way