PDF-Specific Export Options

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When exporting a document, you can define PDF-specific exporting options using the following dialog.



General Options

Page range

Define the pages which will be included in the complete file. Separate the pages with a comma, set a range of pages with a dash.

Don't embed these fonts

Define the fonts that will not be embedded in the complete file, to reduce the file size. Separate the fonts with a semicolon.

Images quality

Choose the required document's image quality level. The higher the quality, the bigger the file, and vice versa.


Check this to enable compression.

Show print dialog on open

Check this, if desired.


Password Security Options


These options allow you to adjust the security options of the resulting PDF file (e.g. enable open document, editing, printing and copying protection, and specify which changes are allowed).


Additional Options

You can also fill the Application, Author, Keywords, Subject, and Title fields.