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This feature use the Automatic Analysis engine and will show you the numbers on the window.


The following commands are available on the toolbar:


apply filters 4 Analyze
Executes the Automatic Analysis. After the analysis is done all numbers are shown on the list below the toolbar


OpenAdvancedGenerator Create Tickets
Creates tickets out of the most ranked numbers. Tickets will be shown on Tickets Window
You can set how many tickets to have created in the software options


Print Print

Prints numbers from the list directly to your default printer


PrintPreview Print Preview
Opens a Print Preview window where from you can print or export data to many external formats like PDF HTM TXT and more.


Numbers List

Numbers are shown on the list from the most ranked to the less ranked
For example:



Left column show the rank of numbers, right column show numbers that are ranked.
Some numbers may have the same rank.

The rank value may be positive and that means that the numbers have been chosen as most possible to occur.
Also the rank value may be negative and that means that the numbers have been chosen as the less possible to occur.


So, in conclusion you can choose the most ranked numbers to play with and eliminate those that have the lowest rank or negative ranks.



How to open Prediction window