Printing Overview

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In Visual Lottery Analyser you can print the data in two modes.

These two buttons are available on many software windows:


Print Quick Print mode, which lets you print directly to the default printer
When you click this button no questions about choosing a printer etc nor confirmation will be asked just the data goes directly to the printer.

In this mode the data will be printed as text only


PrintPreview Print Preview mode. Advanced mode that lets you customize the document output.
When you click this button then a special Print Preview window opens where you can use customization features.

But of course you can use it for direct printing as well.

In this mode the data will be printed as it looks like on software features
All functions are described in the next topics

Here is a sample picture of the Print Preview window



File Management

Save a Print Preview to a File
Load a Print Preview from a File


Printing and Page Setup

Print a Document via the Print Dialog
Print a Document Using Default Settings
Change Printing Settings via the Page Setup Dialog
Specify Page Margins in Print Preview


Headers and Footers

Insert Page Header and Page Footer into Printed Documents
Insert Page Numbers into Printed Documents
Insert Date and Time into Printed Documents
Insert the User Name into Printed Documents
Insert a Logo into Printed Documents



Scale Print Preview by Entering a Zoom Factor
Scale Print Preview by Specifying Width in Pages


Viewing and Navigating

Navigate Between Pages in Print Preview
Search for a Specific Text in Print Preview


Watermark and Background

Change Watermark and Background Settings in Print Preview



Exporting from Print Preview
PDF-Specific Export Options
HTML-Specific Export Options
MHz-Specific Export Options
RTF-Specific Export Options
XLS-Specific Export Options
XLSX-Specific Export Options
CSV-Specific Export Options
TXT-Specific Export Options
Image-Specific Export Options



Customize Printing Settings of Charts
Customize Printing Settings of Grids


Warnings and Error Messages

Warnings and Error Messages in Print Preview

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