Similar Numbers Groups

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Shows if a particular group of similar numbers is drawn after previously group


This analysis method is rather for advanced users of Visual Lottery Analyser which already are familiar how the software works and what similar numbers group are

The idea of this analysis is the same like analysis Numbers After Numbers but here we will analyze entire group of numbers instead of single ones.


How to analyze groups:

For example we have the following drawing numbers for a classic lotto game 6 out 49

6 15 21 24 26 39


In these numbers we have numbers from groups 1 4 5 6 9


The last drawing numbers are the base number for our analysis, so to find out which groups follows after the group 6 select from menu
Following Numbers / Similar Numbers Groups / Numbers With 6


Here below are sample 2 diagrams that shows analysis how all groups of similar numbers occurs after our sample group 6.
First diagram is for group 0, second for group 2 and there will be diagrams for the rest of groups




If any number was drawn from analyzed group then diagram will print a point in row 0

If any number is drawn from analyzed group then diagram will print a point in row indicating how many numbers were drawn.



Here we have a sample of new drawing numbers; 2 8 11 17 42 47, they are put on the ticket view and represented as blue borders.




Because previously there was drawn some numbers form group 6 (6 26) we go and will analyze what groups occurred in a new drawing after that.

In new drawing we have numbers drawn form groups 1 2 7 8

Numbers 2 and 42 coming form group 2
Number 11 coming form group 1

Number 8 coming form group 8

Numbers 17 and 47 coming form group 7


So, the first diagram After Group 6 - Numbers With 0 will print a point in row 0 because NO number from group 0 was drawn

That is it, if ANY number from group 0 (10 20 30 40) was not drawn, after previously drawn numbers from group 6 then diagram will show zero.

The second diagram After Group 6 - Numbers With 1 will print a point in row indicating count of numbers from group 1, In our sample it will print a point in row 1 because there was one number 11 drawn from group 1 (1 11 21 31 41)


In that way you can see all groups how they follows after particular group from previous drawing.


Additionally all these diagrams can also show how those types of numbers are drawn as contact, outside, hot or cold numbers.

To see these analysis use the Numbers Types Switch