Systems Collection

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Systems Collection is a database of your Wheel Systems. It is included in every feature that use systems.

To show or hide a page with systems click on the Wheel Systems button located on the left side of the toolbar in feature you use.


Toolbar commands



LoadLoad System

To load system to view, use or edit just select system on the systems list, click the button or double click on a system name directly.
Deletemain Delete System

Deletes selected wheel system from database


Expand Expand

Expands or collapse all groups on the list


find_panel Find

Open or close Find Panel that you can use to find a system


Print Quick Print

Prints systems list directly to your default printer


PrintPreview Print Preview

Prints systems list. This command not only prints system but you can also export them to many external formats or even email them.
All functions are available on Print Preview window


Systems List

Systems are grouped on the list by default by the Lottery Numbers system property, but you can regroup them in other way.

To group the list, drag with mouse column header and drop onto group-by-box at the top of the grid.

Please note that you can group more than one column at once.

To un-group the list, drag with mouse group header and drop onto a grid.



To manage or add new system to collection use Systems Editor

See also Data Grid topic for more information of grid, its keys and mouse operations