Tickets Advanced Generator - Overview

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Tickets Advanced Generator is dedicated to generate lottery tickets exactly in the way as they should be created.
This feature is not just simple random numbers generator, this a powerful tool that let you create the tickets in your way.


You can set how many special numbers that matches ours filters criteria could be included into your tickets.
You can configure the tickets to have their numbers placed on a ticket view with some logical distribution over the ticket view.


Using this feature you can take advantage of the knowledge described in our Lottery Game View At Hand topics.

But only that, this feature lets you choose what kind of a source of numbers to use while generating tickets.

Tickets Advanced Generator use filters to generate lottery numbers.
It has built-in filters presets database so you can create, save and reuse many of your filters presets.


In these ways generated tickets can increase your chances to win.


Here below is a picture of the ribbon toolbar located on the top of its window.



It has two pages:



How to open Tickets Advanced Generator window