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Un-installing The Visual Lottery Analyser


To un-install The Visual Lottery Analyser, which is not recommended please follow these steps :


From the Windows Start menu, select Settings - Control Panel.
Double-click on Add/Remove Programs.
Click the Install/Un-install tab (if your version of Windows has it).
From the list of programs you can remove, select The Visual Lottery Analyser.
Click Add/Remove.

At the prompt, click Yes to confirm that you want to remove the program.

The un-install program removes program files, folders, and some registry entries.

When the files are removed, the un-install program indicates that the process is complete.

Click OK.


Please note that during software uninstalling your all games data will NOT be lost!


Visual Lottery Analyser's databases are located in your documents directory in Sprintbit Software Databases\Visual Lottery Analyser folder

You must remove them manually if you want to.


If you are licensed user and need to reinstall software then you can safely un-install the software without loosing your license details or customized data or settings