Vertical Lines

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Vertical Lines analysis method, analyzing numbers in Vertical lines of ticket view

Here in the picture you can see (circled in the yellow color) numbers that are placed on the first Vertical line of Ticket View layout.

In our sample game, Ticket View does have 7 Vertical lines and we showing the first one.




If you want to know how often and how many numbers are drawn from particular line then select from menu Lines / Vertical Lines  /  Line 1 or 2 etc

The diagram will show you how many numbers are drawn from selected line in analyzed past drawings




If ANY number is drawn from selected line then diagram will print a point in row 1 or 2 ... indicating how many numbers was drawn, otherwise diagram will print a point in row 0



If drawing numbers are like :

1 3 11 22 35 45

then we see that two numbers from Vertical line 1 were drawn (1 3). In that case diagram will show it, it will print point in row 2


Additionally these diagrams can also show how group numbers are drawn as contact, outside, hot or cold numbers.

To see these analysis use the Numbers Types Switch