Visual Analyser

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Visual Lottery Analyser introduces a new revolutionary approach how to analyze lottery games.

A visual presentation of numbers!

One picture is worth more than thousands words and it happened that it may be used to analyze lottery games as well.


Instead of looking on columns with numbers that really do not tell too much, now you can see and know how the numbers may go in the future drawing with just taking one look on a visual diagram.


With that knowledge you can take informed decisions, predict and choose what numbers use to fill your tickets.

However this feature is very handy but is not essential to use to generate smart lottery ticket.

If you do not have a time to analyze a game then you can use One Step Analysis, Prediction, Create My Tickets or Tickets Advanced Generator feature to do all the work for you instead.


If you did not read yet about our visual methods please take a look on Lottery Game View At Hand topics first, these topics that explains the base of lottery games visualization.


This topic will describe the Visual Analyser's window interface:

On the top of the window there is a main menu and toolbar.




Main Menu

This menu contains all available analysis methods. To analyze something just choose a method from the menu.

See Analysis Methods for detailed descriptions of all methods.



  The toolbar have a few buttons with the following functions:


Previous Previous analysis and Next Next analysis

When you click on a left or right arrow then you can move to previous or next analysis. You can also use Page Up or Page Down keyboard keys.


All All, Contact , Outside , Hot , Cold , Even , Odd

These buttons switches between GENERAL numbers types.

Please see Numbers Types Switch topic for more information



Please see the General Numbers Types topic that explains in details how to interpret analyser's screen.


Ticket Custom Analysis

In addition to a variety of analysis methods available in our program you can run the analysis of your own numbers.

To analyze your numbers you can select them with mouse on a main game's ticket view.

The main game's ticket view is by default locate don the left side of main window

After you select number to show its analysis just click the Custom Analysis button.


Below the menu and toolbar is the main visual analyser's screen. Here a small screenshot:


Analyser's Screen



Analyser can show in its screen even thousands of analyzed drawings at once, you can set in the software options desired drawings range to analyze.

By the default software is set to show 100 past drawings.

Not all of them may be visible at once and that depends on your screen resolution.

Drawings are shown in order from the latest to the last, from the left to the right side of a screen.

For example if analyzed drawings range is set to analyze 100 past drawings then all drawings on a screen will be shown and numbered in order from 100 to 1.

The last drawing is always on the right side of the screen.

To scroll and see more of the past analyzed drawings use the horizontal scrollbar.


The top columns header (with numbers only) is showing the draw position, from the last position to first position within analyzed drawings range.

To see the current drawing position move mouse over the header, the tip window will show the current position number.

If you click whenever on a screen then selected draw will be show on a main Ticket View on main software window, also the main lottery numbers window will  scroll to show selected draw as well.


Depending of chosen analysis methods from the main menu and how many numbers is to analyze, screen may not fit all of them into a visible area.

To scroll and see more of the analyzed numbers use the vertical scrollbar.



Each of chosen analysis methods may show a few diagrams, below is the picture of one sample diagram.

Diagram just show analyzed number or group of numbers occurrences in order described above.



Diagram has a title that will show; analyzed number, analyzed group name or number of analyzed line etc.

Next in that title you can see also used number type or combination of number types.

Please see the Master Numbers Types topic for more information.

zerothree This is a diagram rows enumeration. The black points you see on the diagram in different positions they represent the count of occurrences of analyzed number(or group of numbers)


For more information on how to interpret the diagram results please see Visual Analysis Concept topic.


Numbers Guide

When you click on a diagram title then Visual Analyser can show you visually in the main Ticket View

all numbers that are being currently analyzed.


When you click anywhere within a diagram area then Visual Analyser can show you visually in the main Ticket View

actual numbers that belong to selected drawing.


This is a very handy function and to see how it works please see the Numbers Guide topic.


Analysis Range Numbers Controller

Visual Analyser's screen displays in its diagrams only a small range of analyzed lottery numbers (drawings)

How many past numbers you want to see you can set at Lottery options window.


For example if you have set the range to analyze from 1 to 100 that means that you will see the numbers from the 1 (the last drawing) to past 100-th.

If you want to see more analysis then you can switch between ranges.
To switch between ranges click on arrow buttons:



If you click on the left arrow button then you will go to another range of lottery numbers like 101 to 200 and then from 201 to 300 and so on.
By clicking on the right arrow button you will go back through ranges.
The last one arrow button will bring you to the first range like 1 to 100.
The range control status bar will show you also which range is currently shown and the date - time of the last and first numbers in the range.

There is one exception to this behaviour, when analyzing numbers from On Day menu instead of 100 past drawings

Visual Analyser will show 100 past days, it will look way back into drawings history.
The switch between ranges arrows will not work when analyzing past days.


How to open Visual Analyser window