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Visual Lottery Analyser is state-of-the-art lottery analysis software with many unique features you will see for the first time.

Work with almost all lottery games in the world.

The Visual Lottery Analyser comes to you with world games database and online drawings update so you can start right out of the box.


Program use new innovative analysis methods like visual drawings analysis, use geometry with special Ticket View for showing lottery game view at hand, use also colors to differentiate between special numbers groups. Everything is for better and faster understanding how you games and their number goes in the real.

Whether you are professional player or beginner here you will find everything that you need to play, analyze, calculate and keep statistics of your lottery games.


To help you to increase your chances of winning software introduces new lottery theories and analysis methods:

Geometrical Ticket View, Contact and Outside numbers, traditional Hot and Cold numbers and more.

You can analyze single numbers, groups/blocks of numbers, our special numbers, numbers that are located in vertical or horizontal lines, by the date etc.

Instead of looking on columns with numbers that really do not tell too much, you can now know how the numbers may go with just taking one look on a ticket view and analysis diagrams.


If you are professional player who wants to manually analyze games and play with games in general here is the solution:

We have worked hard to make the software as much easy to use as possible; however, if you truly want to increase your chances to win (you will be able to)

you must read the most important topics within the Lottery game View At Hand folder:

Ticket View Introduction

Visual Analysis Concept

Game Analysis Suggestion


if you are a beginner or want to get results fast then Visual Lottery Analyser can work for you also in fully-automated mode.

With one button click you will get everything in one step from drawings update through analyzing to tickets creation.

One Step Analysis


You are embark on endeavor with software that is unique in the whole world. Visual Lottery Analyser is our and now your lottery solution since 1988.


The Visual Lottery Analyser is brought to you by

Sprintbit Software


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