Editing & Numbers Replacement

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Numbers Replacement is a part of Create My System feature.

Here on this window you can select source system number and then choose your own destination number.


The following commands are located on the System page



View Combinations group

Here you can select which combinations you want to have shown on the My System Listing

After applying filters to the wheel system you can choose to view all combination, approved combinations or only those that was rejected.


Edit group

Reset 2Reset
This commands resets all changes made on the My Create System window and restores all to the default.
All numbers replacements and filtering data or status is reset as well.

Manager 2 Numbers Replacement Source
You can use a few of methods to get the numbers to replace with the source system numbers

The following options are available

My Selected Number

Use your own numbers you can select on Numbers Selector at Numbers Replacement page


Imports your numbers from Lottery Notepad. Please note that only numbers that you have marked as 'Yes' numbers are imported.
When you select this option then on the rights side of this button another button Import becomes visible.
Click on that button to import the numbers from notepad.
If you opened multiple instances of Notepad then Notepad Selector will be shown where from you can select from which Notepad to import the numbers

Visual Lottery Analyser will generate random numbers for you.
When you select this option then on the rights side of this button another button Generate becomes visible.
Click on that button to generate the numbers.

Automatic Analysis
Numbers chooses by Visual Lottery Analyser using Automatic Analysis

When you select this option then on the rights side of this button another button Analyze becomes visible.
Click on that button to analyze the game.


To replace numbers please follow these steps:


Step 1 - Load a system form Systems Collection


System will be loaded into two list located on the left side of Create My System window.

Source System Listing

Source system combinations.


My System Listing

Your system listing that will show your system combinations with your numbers. Initially source and destination listings are the same.



Step 2 - Select source number

Replacing source system numbers with yours is an easy process, you can select source number in two ways:

1. Select a number you want to replace at Source System Listing

2. Select a number you want to replace at All Numbers selector.
The All Numbers selector as is shown in the picture:



Step 3 - Select destination number

Select your destination number with mouse at Numbers Selector. The Numbers Selector is a regular Ticket View shown on this window and you can select your numbers with mouse click.



1. Select number 2 at Source System Listing or All Numbers list.

2. Select number 9 at Numbers Selector and that is all.
Selected source number is replaced with your number and destination number will be circled in red color on the Ticket View.
Also the chosen destination number will be highlighted in color on All Numbers view



In the result program will automatically replace all instances of source number with your selected number on Destination System Listing.

Replaced number will be also highlighted with color at destination system listing.

Source Listing

Destination Listing after number was replaced






To restore the source number to its original value simply deselect the number at Numbers Selector by clicking on already selected number again.

Also to select, replace or restore numbers you can enter the number directly into a All Numbers cells.



Please see another topic Systems Filters that will describe how use filters to reduce destination system combinations.