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The following commands are located on the Tools page of Create My System




Manage System Data group - commands for managing system customization data


Anything you do with your wheel system is not saved automatically.
When you replace your numbers with your own, use filters and you want to keep this data for use later, you can save it into the system using the command below:
Save My System Data 2 Save My System Data
Saves current state of wheel system you are working with. Later when you open your system all number and filters will be restored to the values you saved the last time.

If you do not want to use your saved data any longer or you want to have wheel system loaded fresh, use then the next command

Deletemain Delete My System Data
Deletes the customization data from current wheel system.



Tools group - additional tools for Create My System feature

The following tools you can use:

Save As Tickets 2 Save As My Tickets

Saves your destination wheel system to your tickets collection.
Only those combinations of system that are currently visible on My System Listing are saved.
In that way you can save all wheel system or just combinations that were approved after use of filters.
Which combinations are visible on the destination system listing is determined by View Combinations option.

Hits Checker 2 Send To Hits Checker

Sends current system listed on My System Listing to Hits Checker to check system hits.


Quick Print group

Here you can print or export your customized system listing


Print Quick Print

Prints systems list directly to your default printer


PrintPreview Print Preview

Prints systems list. This command not only prints system but you can also export them to many external formats or even email them.
All functions are available on Print Preview window